The Greatest Johnny Depp Movies of All Time

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Johnny Depp has long since been a staple on the big screen, proving his versatility and fearlessness by taking on some of the most eccentric characters in film history. Though the actor has suffered some notable flops in his career, such as the spy spoof Mortdecai, he’s also seen his fair share of successes.

Here’s a look back at 10 of the most memorable roles from his career:


The 1990 John Waters-directed musical romantic comedy stars Depp as a 1950s teen rebel, “Cry-Baby” Wade Walker, the leader of a group of delinquents known as “drapes.” When Cry-Baby falls in love with a “square” from outside of the group, it throws the town’s subcultures into turmoil.

While the film wasn’t a huge box office success at the time of its debut, it has since become a cult classic and helped Depp prove himself as a film heartthrob. The film overall earned generally favorable reviews and Depp’s individual performance also spurred a positive reaction, with critics labeling him “a rockin’ revelation.”