The best VR-ready laptops you can buy right now

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Typically, a high-definition virtual reality experience requires a headset tethered to a PC. Desktops immediately come to mind given their hardware, but you can have the same experiences on a laptop with the right configuration. Not all PCs can support high-definition VR, whether they don’t meet the graphics requirement, or there just simply aren’t enough ports to handle the tethered connections. We help you find the ideal solution with our roundup of the best VR-ready laptops.

To find the ideal solutions, you first look to the actual headsets. The HTC Vive and Oculus Rift require specific hardware components to run at a decent rate, as anything lower could produce a poor, vomit-inducing experience. We’re not kidding either, as virtual reality needs to sustain a rate of 90 frames per second else you could suffer from motion sickness. That said, you need to take the minimum requirements seriously.

Our list focuses on laptops with discrete graphics chips – not integrated graphics – and a port complement that can support headset connections. Thickness, weight, screen size, and resolution really aren’t a deciding factor unless you plan to pack up your VR setup and move it to a friend’s house, or you simply want to enjoy high-definition games headset-free. Our laptops range in weight and thickness, which grows in size as the hardware specifications grow closer to desktop-like performance.