News Anchors Revealed Their Weight To Promote Body Positivity

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Today Hosts Reveal Their Actual Weights

The news anchors of Today decided to reveal their weight and other secrets to spread self-love and awareness to all of their viewers. This was all a part of the “Love Your Selfie” events and week.

Today is one of the most famous morning talk shows on the air today and of all time. These news anchors are the most watched people during daytime morning talk shows and have an incredible amount of influence. The hosts of the show decided to reveal their weight during an episode. The hosts were a part of the event for the “Love Your Selfie,” campaign and week, which promotes self-love for both men and women. The entire crowd which was featured in this episode carried signs and banners to reveal proud facts about their body. Today’s effort and event made more awareness for the “Love Your Selfie” campaign and its amazing cause.