18 TV Shows That Are Actually Better Than the Books They’re Based On

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We all know the moment where we see that one of our favorite captivating books is being turned into a television and the feeling of dread that seems to follow this information. This feeling of preemptive disappointment comes nearly immediately because, more often than not, book-to-TV adaptations are the worst. And while some of them aren't so bad, it's pretty rare to find a book-adapted TV show that manages to outdo what was done on the OG pages. Thankfully not all TV adaptations are created equal, and some TV shows can, believe it or not, actually turn out far better than their literary muse.

Now before you all go crazy in the comments, a disclaimer: the keyword here is “better.” We are not saying that the books in question are bad — although, can't lie, some most definitely are — it's just that the TV series that they spawned was/is better. Alright then, let's carry on.