12 Best Will Smith Movies That Prove He is a Global Superstar

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Men in Black (1997)

Never realized there were approximately 1500 aliens on Earth at a time? So didn’t I. It’s probably because every time we see one the ‘Men in Black’ just erases our memory. This is what an average teen of this century believes in when someone talks about alien. Probably one of the most influential alien movies ever made, ‘MiB’ is something that became the most ideal role for Will Smith. This sci-fi action comedy is what we call a genre defining movie. Being recruited as a secret agent fighting galactic crime is almost every man’s dream and the movies let us live that fantasy. Agent J (Tommy Lee Jones) the finest, yet grumpy senior and Agent K (Will Smith) the rookie with a sense of humor, when team up, forms one of the finest duo a man has ever seen. Undoubtedly this film is one the most entertaining movie ever made and tops the list.