10 Best Tom Cruise Movies You Must See

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What are the best Tom Cruise movies? Before we list down his 10 best films, let’s briefly look at his career.

If there is any major star who does not get enough credit for being a fine actor it is without question Tom Cruise. The man has given an array of terrific performances through the course of his career, and managed to be a major movie star at the same time. What I admire about Cruise is that he will throw himself into anything with abandon and do a good, sometimes a great job.

Though his breakthrough as a major actor was Risky Business (1983), the first time he really shone as an actor was opposite Paul Newman in The Color of Money (1986), which won Newman an Oscar and should have earned Cruise a nomination. That said I include Risky Business (1983) on the list as opposed to The Color of Money (1986) as I believe the performance suggested the talent he had. Two years later he was the best thing in Rain Man (1988) but again watched as his co-star won an Oscar.

He went totally against his image portraying Frank Mackey in Magnolia (1999) as a womanizing conqueror, and now in his fifties does his own stunts in Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation (2015). Here is the list of top Tom Cruise movies that you must see. You can stream some of these Tom Cruise movies online on Netflix or Amazon Prime or Hulu.

Magnolia (1999)

As a misogynistic, self appointed conqueror of women, Cruise is electrifying from the moment we see him onstage to the heartbreaking scene at his fathers death bed. A demanding, difficult, ferociously angry character, easy to dislike, yet somehow he draws us in to make us care for him and understand his rage. Watch carefully the slow burn of rage when the interviewer pushes too far into his past and he sits quietly judging her, seething, hating. He should have won the Oscar for supporting actor he was nominated for.